Merrill Family

Ron, his wife Carla and children Maggie, Juliana, Joseph and Katie


Testimony of Ron Merrill

First, let me say that I am a sinner. It’s not just what I have done but who I am apart from Christ. If not for His amazing grace, I would still be wallowing in my sin. Praise God for the gift of His Son. I have repented and placed my trust in Jesus, the redeemer of my soul.
I did not grow up in a Christian home but in high school I was drawn to the “church kids” because they seemed to be the most comfortable with themselves and I felt insecure and lonely inside. Through a free pizza lunch offered by a local church, I began attending their youth group. During my time in the youth group I intellectually surrendered to the truth of scripture and Jesus’ work on the cross, but I am not convinced that it was transformative. On January first of 1991, my senior year of high school, I remember feeling the weight of my sin drive me to my knees to repent and surrender my life to God. That was the first time I truly repented and put my trust in Christ. At this point my desire to know God, be conformed to his image, and be in sincere fellowship with other believers was alive.
Since then there have been ups and downs, times of sweet fellowship and obedience and times of disobedience grief and repentance. I rest in God’s promise to be faithful to complete the work that he began and his gracious granting of repentance, washing, regeneration and renewal. Over the last few years I have been growing in my understanding of the gospel and how it is not only for our justification but also our sanctification. God is truly amazing!